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The eCommerce startup that became a household name

Goldberg Home provides switches and lighting products through online channels, bringing convenience and style to customers.


Founder of Goldberg Home, Faith Lim, identified a market gap for electrical items in the online space and entered the eCommerce market in 2020. The sister brand to a third-generation family legacy business, Goldberg Home specialises in offering price-competitive products for the modern home, without sacrificing quality or customer service.

Since the inception of the brand, cross-border trade was central to the business, as Faith wanted to provide value and needed to source from affordable suppliers overseas. She discovered WorldFirst through her business network and decided to use the platform to pay her suppliers.

For her, important factors to consider were ease of use and reliability. Building trust with overseas suppliers can be fraught when taking into account language barriers, delays in payment and cultural differences.

‘WorldFirst helped to provide trust with our suppliers in two key parts. First, in terms of the transparency of the information provided online. Second, it would be the efficiency of the online transactions.’

Faith discovered that the platform was easy to use and payments were quick, allowing her to direct her energies to growing the business.

‘Worldfirst has helped to make business easier in terms of its great user experience and short user journey. This means I could use the time to focus on my key business operations and activities that are prime to the business.

The lighting and switches company is now a thriving household brand, with plans for growth in the future.

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  • Lock in currency conversion rates for up to 24 months

Airshow mastery meets business innovation

With a career spanning over two decades, Paul Bennett has flown from the shipyard to the stratosphere, leading a conglomerate that covers everything from airshows to resin manufacturing and freight.

Sep / 2023

An educational toy captivating kids in over 50 countries

Launched from a garage in 2019, Connetix Tiles now boasts well over 500 retailers worldwide, with customers, suppliers and warehouses globally.

May / 2023

The eCommerce startup that became a household name

Founder Faith Lim created a sister brand to her family legacy business after discovering a gap in the market.

Jan / 2023
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