International business payments made easy

The World Account is designed for cross-border businesses managing multiple currencies. 

Made for importers, exporters, marketplace sellers and retailers, it's the hassle-free way to pay and get paid quickly and easily.

WorldFirst Product

Collect. Convert. Pay. Manage

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Open 14 currency accounts with local bank details in minutes.

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Convert money at a time and rate that suits you.
Pay globally

Pay in 37currencies internationally from a single account.


Collect secure payments from 100+ marketplaces.

Where do you want to do business?

Pay easily and securely at speed

  • Pay in 37 currencies internationally
  • Direct CNY payments to
  • Lock in conversion rates to manage currency risk
  • Send mass payments and payroll from a single transaction

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Accept payments from around the world

  • Open up to 14 local currency accounts, with local sort codes, account numbers and IBANs
  • Collect secure payments from 100+ global marketplaces
  • Top up from business accounts or receive from your global customers and marketplaces

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We're on a mission to make it easy to do business anywhere

Expand your global network of suppliers. Sell on a growing network of online marketplaces. Reduce your FX and accounting workload.


Businesses trust WorldFirst

Since 2004, more than 1,000,000 businesses have utilised WorldFirst to send more than $160bn around the world.

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