A quick guide to boosting Easter sales online

A quick guide to boosting Easter retail sales

With Easter not far away, here are four quick things online sellers can do to help increase their sales over the holiday period.


As 2023 kicks into full swing, some of the key retails dates for the year are quickly approaching. And like the rest of the world, online shopping trends continue to rise.

Whether you’re an eBay or Amazon seller – or if you’ve ventured further afield using local marketplaces – preparing ahead for this year’s big retail dates will help you secure a piece of this ever growing pie of online sales.

Now that the Valentine’s Day chocolates and flowers have had their moments in the shopping spotlight, one of the next significant retail dates for online sellers is Easter. So, here are some Easter e-commerce tips to help you make the most of the holiday sales opportunity.

1. Optimise your listings

The major marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon, are incredibly competitive. The former, for example, has over a billion live listings at any given time. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd and ensure your products get into the Easter baskets of potential buyers, optimising your listings is an absolute must. With many shoppers often poor on time, getting your descriptions right is key.

Here are three things to think about when creating your online listings:

  • Use keywords in your product descriptions, reinforcing those used in the title and adding new ones
  • Keep descriptions concise – avoid technical jargon or flowery language
  • Mention the benefits instead of simply listing features
  • Make sure your images are clear and helpful to shoppers

2. Offer great value

The long Easter weekend – as well as the days leading up to it – brings a barrage of sales, both online and in store, so expect the competition to really heat up. Consider how a well-timed sale, or multi-buy discount may give you an edge. Amazon’s "Lightening Deals" have proven a successful vehicle for both the company and its online sellers. However, flash sales don’t work for every kind of online seller. It's wise to trial short-term sales during slower months to gauge uplift versus regular pricing and make a more informed decision as to whether the format works for your business. Do your research, perhaps trial a few different options and see what drives your customer base around key retail dates.

3. Get your ducks – or Easter chicks – in line

If you’re expecting an uplift in sales this Easter, make sure you’re prepared to handle the rush. Leaving customers waiting when orders can’t be fulfilled quickly enough or seeing your website crash under the weight of increased traffic could lead to damaging reviews and ratings.

Make sure your technology is all in order, you’re stocked up and don’t oversell. Providing a great customer experience is the quickest route to positive reviews. Boost your ratings this Easter and you can leverage this uplift during the next major retail period. It can also be useful to get your back office as automated as your funds will allow.

4. Get the right message out there

Get a buzz going using a variety of different channels in the lead-up to the Easter holiday. From paid advertising to organic social media and email campaigns, there are quite a number of marketing avenues to explore. The run-up to Easter is a great time for personalised marketing campaigns to make sure potential customers are aware of any promotions you’re running and the range of products you have available.

Don’t forget to set aside a holiday marketing budget to make the most of the joyful Easter mood before, during and even immediately after the holiday when people are in the spirit of giving and retails sales therefore have the potential to trend upwards.

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