The healthy snack brand customers are going nuts for

The healthy snack brand customers are going nuts for

Co-founder and CEO of Garden Picks, Francis Tan and his partner Eunice Ng turned a side hobby into a thriving, nationally recognised brand.


What started as pushcart stall on campus to earn some pocket money, selling to students between lectures, has become one of Singapore’s top alternative snack manufacturers. The co-founder and CEO of Garden Picks, Francis Tan and his partner Eunice Ng, turned their side hustle into a business that now imports and distributes locally, setting trends for wholesome snacks in the industry.

'Garden Picks actually started about 12 years ago, when me and my partner were still in university. We rented a pushcart store from the school where we would sell healthy snacks to the students during their lecture breaks.'

For the business to thrive, Francis had to rely on hard work, constant innovation to stay ahead of the competition and a little luck. 'There's no shortcut for success.'

One of the highlights for him has been seeing Garden Picks grow, now supplying their products to thousands of offices in Singapore, and having many of their friends and relatives sending pictures of their products being enjoyed by the public. Another has been the development of staff, 'who have journeyed and grown with us over the last 12 years of our business.

'Many have come into our company as fresh graduates or in internship positions, and today are holding managerial or supervisory roles.'

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