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Select the currency you have and enter the amount you have. Then select the currency you would like and click ‘Convert’. You’ll see how much the recipient account would get based on the mid-market or interbank exchange rate*.

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Export to new markets. Pay overseas suppliers. Grow your business abroad.

We’ve got the international payments tools to power your ambition.

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Sell internationally. Never stop growing. Local receiving accounts.

We can help you bring your earnings back home, so you can keep growing.

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Buying a new home abroad. Paying international school fees. Sending money home.

We make it easy to send money abroad. Minimum transfer $1,000

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Fees and charges

It's simple: transfer over $10,000 with us and there are no fees.

For transfers under $10,000 we charge a flat fee of $10.


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* What is the Interbank rate?

The interbank rate is the rate at which banks sell currency to each other, typically for amounts over $6million. All currency converters show this rate.  Typically WorldFirst takes a much smaller margin (or “spread”) compared to traditional banks which is why we're able to offer you such a good deal and you can save money when transferring money overseas with us.