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At WorldFirst we help make it easier, cheaper and faster for everyone to move money around the world.

And now we’re making it easier than ever before for you to offer our market-leading services to your clients.


Where money crosses borders, WorldFirst can help

That could be a business making a payment to an international supplier, an online seller bringing home sales revenues from overseas or a client paying staff based in multiple territories.

Why partner with WorldFirst?

We’re experts

Since 2004 we’ve helped more than 150,000 clients transfer more than £60bn around the world, saving millions in the process. We’ve also opened more than 200,000 overseas currency accounts for clients and partners.

We’re trusted

With great rates and award-winning service as standard, it’s no wonder we get 5* star reviews on independent review site Feefo.

We’re working for you

Add a new revenue stream by referring clients and letting us do the hard work. Your clients will get access to a great service and you’ll get a percentage of the profit we make.

We’re changing the game

World Account is our new multi-currency platform that is changing the way our corporate and e-commerce clients think about international trade - and it can do the same for yours.


The company we keep: who we work with

We typically work with partners in the following ways:



Today’s workforces are often spread across the globe. Our expertise and systems enable payroll providers to add international payment capabilities to their payroll offering with a single file upload across multiple currencies.

WorldFirst provides you or your clients access to local currency accounts allowing them to collect funds in, hold balances and make payments out in multiple currencies, all from one easy-to-use platform.




The WorldFirst API is a single source solution for international payments and liquidity that enables you to integrate our secure and robust payments capability into your existing applications, giving a new dimension to your service offering. Totally customisable, talk to us and we’ll work closely with you to build a solution that best suits your needs.




We work with online marketplaces to remove the barriers to cross-border trade and help e-commerce platforms settle payments to international sellers in domestic currency.



Strategic Partners

We can fully customise our market-leading online platform and the entire customer journey to match your brand creating a fully-branded and outsourced international payments service.



Affiliate Partners

Bolt WorldFirst’s services onto your business to enable you to better cater to your client’s needs. Not only will this add value to your business, but you can also earn rewards for doing so. Becoming an Affiliate Partner of WorldFirst is simple, fast and easy. Simply speak with a member of our team on 020 7801 2388 to establish the best way to introduce, market to your clients and understand the rewards on offer.



Partnering with us: benefits for your clients



→ Open localised currency accounts around the world

→ Competitive exchange rates and potentially significant savings

→ Fastest available international transfers



→ Multilingual support from teams across 7 international offices

→ Award-winning 5-star service

→ Safe and secure transfers



Partnering with us: benefits for you



→ Add an additional revenue stream to your business

→ Add value to your clients and strengthen your proposition

→ Increase customer loyalty by saving clients time and money



→ Support from experienced WorldFirst relationship managers at all times

→ Access to fast, free-to-open international currency accounts in the USA, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand (with more to come).


Who we're working with

Virgin Money
New Egg
The Times
SD Worx