WorldFirst Disclaimer Policies

Privacy policy

At World First we pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of security, transparency and integrity in our work, specially when it comes to protecting your interests and information.

This policy applies to information that World First may collect about visitors to our website, companies and individuals who register for our services, and continue using our services, and any other person who contacts us over the phone or in writing.

Our aim is to give you peace of mind that any personal information will be used fairly.

We suggest that you review this Privacy Policy before registering for an account with World First. Client confidentiality is our main concern and through good practices we strive to ensure that:

- we will only collect information which is necessary for adherence to the regulations and/or helps us to improve our service;

- any personal information is collected fairly; and

- all personal information is stored securely.

- we will only use your information as set out in this Privacy Policy.

If you have any further questions about how World first handles your information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Like many financial services organisations, World First collects information about you when you visit our website, register for an account or when you contact us over the phone or in writing.

When you register for an account with us we collect, process and store information such as your name, postal address, email address, telephone numbers, date of birth, etc. Once your account is fully set up and you begin to transact with us we will collect, process and store financial and transactional information.

We also use Cookies to improve your experience when visiting our website. Read our policy here.

We use your personal information to allow us to process your registration, process any transactions you may book through us and to maintain the accuracy of information on your account.

Registration and administration

We use your information to enable you to register with us. Once you have an account with us we will use your details to contact you and to reply to any queries or requests. We may also use your information to contact you and update your account details.

Our products and services

We use your information in order to supply our products and services and to meet our contractual obligations to you. We may also notify you of any changes relating to our products and services that may affect you.

Prevention and detection of crime

The law requires us to undertake due diligence on our customers to help prevent money laundering and other types of financial crime. To do this, we use electronic verification tools however, where electronic verification is not possible, we will require physical documentation.

We may need to pass your information on to Governmental departments, regulatory bodies, the police/law enforcement agencies or to a court of law. This would only be done for lawful purposes or, for example, to assist in the prevention of a crime.


We may use your information to keep you up to date concerning our products and services.

We may send you emails inviting you to participate in surveys or asking for feedback on our services so that we can keep improving them. We may share the survey results with some of our affiliated third parties, but only the aggregate results. You cannot be identified by the results we share with these third parties.

We may market our services to you through social media platforms using information you provide to us when you interact on our website or sign up for our services which means we may pass your information onto third parties, such as Facebook, for this purpose. Please contact us if you do not want to be part of these sorts of adverts by emailing


We record all our telephone calls for security and training purposes.


We use your information for the following purposes:


We store all data electronically and use the highest levels of security to ensure it’s protected. Data is stored on servers which are protected by actively maintained firewalls. We make use of up-to-date anti-virus software and our servers have restricted physical access.

If you provide paper based documentation these will be stored electronically and the original will be destroyed securely.

Transmission of data on the internet can never be completely secure. We do not and cannot guarantee security of information collected or transmitted electronically however, we take reasonable care to safeguard your personal information.

World First Group Companies

We may share your information with other companies in the World First Group in order to provide you with access to our services. While certain group companies are based outside of the EEA we ensure that the way we handle your information is consistent across the Group.


We may need to share your information with third parties in order to process your transactions e.g. our banking partners.

Additionally, in order to carry out our business we may need to share your information with people or organisations outside of the EEA such as intermediary or beneficiary banks – e.g. if you ask us to make a USD payment to China the funds would be cleared through an intermediary bank in the US before reaching China. For reasons of transparency and verification, we are required to include certain information on the payment which may include your name and address.

Trusted Partners

If you are an individual and you were introduced to World First by one of our trusted partners, then we may share your information with that partner, provided you give us your consent to do so. If you ever change your mind you can remove your consent by contacting

If you are a business customer and you were referred to us by a trusted partner then we will share your data with that partner which includes your transactional information. If you wish to object to us sharing your data with the trusted partner who referred you to World First, please contact

Other parties

We may share your information with anyone that you have given us permission to and any person acting on your behalf.

We may share your information with trusted companies providing services to us under confidentiality agreements or to companies that assist us in providing our services to you – e.g. processing of card transactions. These companies do not have any rights to share your information with other third parties (unless required by law) or to market other services to you.

This website may use website recording services which record mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling and any text keyed into website forms (including our registration forms). Data is collected in this way and shared with our service provider to improve our website usability. No personal information will be shared for these purposes. Other information collected will be stored and used for aggregated and statistical reporting only and is not shared with anybody other than our service provider.

We never sell any personal data that we hold about you.

World First will only retain your information for as long as is necessary for providing our service to you, usually no more than 6 years after the end of the business relationship.

If at any time you are not happy with how we handle your information, you can make a complaint and for further information please see our Complaints Policy.

You also have the right to raise any data protection concerns with Information Commission Office.

You have the right to request details of the information we hold about you, a description of that data, the purposes for which it is being used and any parties with which we share your information.

We may charge you an administration fee for providing this information. Your request should be made in writing to

We may amend this policy from time to time. If we make any changes that will affect you, we will be sure to let you know.