Since the Coronavirus outbreak, WorldFirst has closely monitored the global situation. Our priority is to ensure continuity of service for our customers while taking appropriate measures to protect our employees.

Given the increase in UK cases, we have now encouraged employees to work remotely. They are able to operate normally using well-tested systems, and our teams are committed to ensure customer service is not impacted, but if there’s any delay in your calls or emails being answered please bear with us.

Take a step forward with our new revolutionary pricing

We offer simplicity and transparency, with just three pricing tiers for all of our customers.

With our new, standardised pricing, you will receive a fixed spread based on your annual trading volume.

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As well as simplicity and transparency, we’ve also reduced our prices placing us up to 85% cheaper than the competition. For many existing customers we’ll be charging half as much as we did before!

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FX specialistHigh street banks*FX specialist
WorldFirst HSBC Lloyds Santander PayPal OFX
£0k- £500k 0.50% 1.24% 2.17% 1.09% 3.68% 0.90%
£500k - £5m 0.25% 0.71% 1.50% 0.81% Comparison data not available
£5M+ 0.15% Comparison data not available

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Frequently asked questions

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We’ve always offered high-quality products and services to our clients to meet the needs of an increasingly global marketplace. Our rates have always been competitive, but our recent acquisition by Ant Financial has enabled us to invest, scale and reduce costs to further benefit our clients. We firmly believe that our fully transparent rates, combined with our award-winning service, will transform our growth and most importantly, significantly enhance our customer's experience.
By cutting our prices, we’re able to provide you a very competitive FX rate below most banks. This is just the first step in a series of new developments coming over the next months. We will continue to evolve and improve our proposition to create the next generation of products to help our clients thrive in a globally connected economy. We’re still combining our expertise with highly-rated services to become a truly trusted partner for our clients.
There are three bands (A, B and C), each is based on the annual volume a customer will trade with WorldFirst. Bands are allocated and reviewed by trading teams periodically. See below for more detail.

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Our new pricing places us up to 85% cheaper than competitors. See below and here for more detail.
Within our industry, it is common to see claims offering “fair” and “transparent” pricing, yet the reality is something very different. With rates negotiated case by case and deal by deal, it’s incredibly difficult for customers to determine exactly what they will pay, as the FX spread paid today may not be the same one they get tomorrow. That’s why our revolutionary new pricing model aims to provide both new and existing customers with fair, simple and transparent pricing, ensuring they always receive the same single spread, known ahead of time, based on a tiered structure.
Whether you are an existing WorldFirst customer or a new one who just joined the family, your spread will be automatically reviewed and you will be allocated a new pricing band based on your annual trading volume. You don’t need to do anything, simply continue trading with us and keep saving money! As usual, our team of experts are here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are not clear or require further help.
The new pricing will be applied across the following 27 currencies. For more information on currency combinations, contact your account management team and they’ll be delighted to help.




























Full FAQs

* Weighted average

Many banks and payment providers frequently claim to offer “fair” and “transparent” pricing, yet the reality is something very different. Our revolutionary new pricing model aims to provide both new and existing customers with fair, simple and transparent pricing, using 3 clear FX margin bands margins (0.5%, 0.25% and 0.15%) with no hidden fees. With transparent pricing our customers and potential customers can clearly compare WorldFirst to our competitors.

How do we collect this data? 

WorldFirst obtain price comparisons from other international payment providers’ websites, at specific dates and time using a third-party supplier FXC Intelligence . The comparison table shows the spread applied by the competition to transfer amounts ranging from GBP 1,000, to 1,000,000 across four currencies EUR, USD, HKD and AUD, where possible.

1. The spread

The spread is the percentage difference between the exchange rate we buy our currency at and the rate at which we sell it to our customers. We at WorldFirst take a smaller spread than most banks and other currency companies, and pass this benefit on to our clients, making all our transfers simpler and more transparent.

2. The cost of international payments

For each pricing band we look at the FX spread applied. This is what we use to compare against our fixed bands of (0.5%, 0.25% and 0.15%).

When researching and making comparisons it is important to know if any additional transaction charges will be applied such as payment fees or account management fees. For most customers WorldFirst does not apply additional fees to make payments or to maintain an account with us. If any fees are applicable these will be made clear to you in advance

3. How do we work out a comparison for exact amounts that we haven’t collected?

When we collect data from providers, we do it using 8 different “amounts” from£1,000, to £1,000,000 for example. For our data we have focused on the top currency pairs in the from the UK: GBP to USD/EUR/AUD/HKD. – Based on data 05/08/2019 - Updated 06/08/2019.

Because the WorldFirst fixed pricing tiers are based on annual volumes transacted by our customers, we have averaged out the spreads applied by competitors to transactions of differing amounts in those tiers to calculate an average spread. This average percentage is calculated with the actual spread data collected from these named competitors.

This is important, because providers tend to offer better exchange rates and smaller transfer fees when a customer is moving larger sums of money.

What all this means for you

Other money-transfer providers may have variable spreads across different currencies, whilst WorldFirst now has fixed spreads, agreed ahead of time, making it easier to compare.

Average vs Weighted Average?

A weighted average is extremely useful in that it allows the final average number to reflect the relative importance of each observation and is thus more descriptive than a simple average. It also has the effect of smoothing out data thereby enhancing accuracy. Source