Take a step forward with our transparent pricing

WorldFirst offers you a simple and transparent pricing structure.

FX Fees – the % level is determined based on your annual transfer volume across 28 currencies.

Payment Fees – all payments out of our ecosystem incur a fixed fee based on the size of the payment.

No opening fees, annual fees or deposit requirements

  • It's free to set-up your WorldFirst Account
  • It’s free to open multiple international currency accounts
  • There’s also no monthly or annual subscription fee. The only costs you’ll be charged are a payment fee and a fixed transparent fee to convert between currencies, incorporated into the FX fee

Our fee structure could result in significant savings for your business. Contact us to discuss how much you could be saving on spot and forward contracts, firm orders and bulk payments based on your recent transactions.

Choose the best account for your international transfers

Whether via our simple to use online platform or over the phone, it's faster, cheaper, and more reliable, to execute your foreign currency exchange needs with WorldFirst than ever before.

International Payments Corporate Account

Integrates traditional FX payments and spot contracts, with a full suite of risk management solutions for SMEs.

Learn more about pricing for our International Payments Corporate Account.

World Account for online sellers

Combines the convenience of opening multi-currency accounts at the click of a button*, with flexible local and international payment capabilities as well as seamless Xero integration.

Learn more about pricing for our World Account for online sellers.

personal account wallet

Xe Private Account

Fast, simple and free same-day account opening coupled with a dedicated, award-winning service. This account is provided by our partner Xe.

*Most requests will be activated instantly; but in some cases, this can take up to 1 business day. EUR and JPY will be activated within 1 business day.

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find your answer here, call us or drop us an email.

As outlined above, WorldFirst offer three FX pricing bands for all our customers, whether you are a corporate customer or an online seller. With our standardised pricing, you will receive a fixed fee based on your annual conversion volume, using 3 clear FX fee bands applied across 28 currencies.
As a new WorldFirst customer you will be allocated a 0.5% FX fee if you open an International payments account and a 0.6% fee if you open an International collection account. Your conversion volume will be reviewed as you transact and you will be re banded accordingly so you can benefit from better pricing as you convert more. Your FX fee is fixed for the period of time you are transacting with us at the corresponding volume and will only be applied to future transactions. Any new fixed fee cannot be applied to past transactions.
Your fixed fee will be reviewed at the end of every quarter (which will be completed by the end of April, July, October and January) and will be changed in line with the last 12 months transaction volume at the time of review. You will receive an email to the primary contact address we have for you on record notifying you of any changes. Example: If you are an International payments corporate account holder, your fee is 0.5% and you transact more than £500k but less than £5M within 12 months, your FX fee will be reduced to 0.25% after the next assessment. If your fee is currently 0.25% and you transfer more than £5M your fee will be reduced to 0.15% after the next assessment. As usual, our team of experts are here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are not clear, require further help or have any questions at all about your pricing band.
Currency accounts are offered to online seller customers. Whilst we don't charge account opening or maintenance fees, WorldFirst incurs additional costs in servicing these accounts which is reflected in the slightly higher FX fee.
Our pricing will be applied across the following 28 currencies. For more information on currency combinations, contact your account management team and they’ll be delighted to help.





























Applies to 80 currency pairs. Contact us for more information.

FX fee: the FX fee is the percentage difference between the exchange rate we buy our currency at and the rate at which we sell it to our customers. We at WorldFirst take a smaller margin than most banks, and pass this benefit on to our clients. Payment fee: cost charged to customers when processing a payment. FX fees are incorporated into your exchange rate, whereas payment fees are charged based on the size of each payment, on top of the FX fee.
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