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Efficient transport, high living standards and borders with France, Germany and Italy make Switzerland ideal for business – but are there any red flags?

Feb / 2023

We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of setting up a business in the Netherlands. So, could it work for you?

Feb / 2023

Logistics can prove tricky, but vibrant cities and booming tourism could make New Zealand an appealing business base.

Feb / 2023

With great locations to work from and a huge potential audience, could the US be the right fit for your business?

Feb / 2023

Low corporate tax rates and a wealth of online shoppers make Canada a tempting prospect for business expansion.

Feb / 2023

Well-connected cities are paired with high living costs, but what else should you know ahead of expanding your business to Japan?

Jan / 2023

Find out how to set up a business in Europe and access a diverse market of customers.

Dec / 2022

International transactions


Before you take your business global, you should familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of international transactions.

Feb / 2022

What are they? Can they work for you – and what are your other options?

Feb / 2022

Fintechs have revolutionised international payments, but how could utilising one help your business?

Feb / 2022

If you’re investing in China from overseas, you need to be on top of recent regulatory changes.

Feb / 2022

From bank and cryptocurrency transfers to FX specialists, we look at how you can make overseas business payments.

Feb / 2022

Get prepared for international expansion with our list of common overseas payment problems.

Feb / 2022

E-commerce success in the modern world involves international growth – but how can you handle the finances?

Feb / 2022

Business with China


Here’s our quick guide to Chinese Renminbi and how to save on your payments into China by transferring in RMB.

Dec / 2022

From partnerships to patience, we run down 7 top tips to help your business crack China.

Dec / 2022

Chinese money can be complex – two currencies but shared bank notes. Let us explain.

Dec / 2022

Find out how to get your e-commerce business ready for Chinese New Year in 2023.

Nov / 2022

Global insights


Take a closer look as we bust 4 international payment myths and reveal some key truths.

Feb / 2022

Here’s what you need to know about expanding into the largest economy on the European continent.

Feb / 2022

Take a look at the red flags and must-haves when sourcing an online payment provider.

Feb / 2022

Brush up on the dos and don’ts – from translations and tailoring to dropshipping – to up your Amazon international game.

Feb / 2022

Which platform is right – or wrong – for your business? Read on to find out.

Feb / 2022

With UKEF, you could win contracts, fulfil orders and get paid to help streamline your exporting journey.

Jan / 2022

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