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Given the increase in UK cases, we have now encouraged employees to work remotely. They are able to operate normally using well-tested systems, and our teams are committed to ensure customer service is not impacted, but if there’s any delay in your calls or emails being answered please bear with us.


Are you sending or receiving money from the UK as a business or individual?

Whether it is AUD, CAD or CHY, WorldFirst can save you time and money when transferring British pounds (GBP) – it’s as simple as that.


Cheaper international money transfers

How? We typically take a smaller profit on transfers than most high street banks which means that more of your money actually makes it to the UK.

It’s fast and easy to register with WorldFirst too, and once you’re a client, you can make transfers at any time with our easy-to-use online platform.

So what are you waiting for? This is your new way to make international transfers.

Get started now

How it works


Secure a rate on GBP

Once your account is setup and you’ve given us the details of the account you’d like us to pay, we’ll quote you a rate. You can access rates either online or by phone.


Send us your money

When you’ve agreed a rate for GBP, we’ll ask you to send us the money by bank transfer before we make your transfer. The minimum we can transfer is £1,000 or equivalent.


Make your payment

Once we’ve received your funds we’ll send your onward payment in British pounds. Depending on when we receive your funds, payments may arrive the same day.

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*Visit our FAQs for more details on fees and charges.


Fast, secure transfers

We’ll get your money there fast – in most cases on the same day or next working day.

Great FX rates

Great FX rates from day one – and no hidden FX fees either. You’ll always know what you’re paying.

Award winning service

Prefer to chat than tap the app? Our experts are always at the end of the phone – night and day.

Unique market analysis

Get unrivalled market insight and analysis from our market experts on our blog, or sent to your inbox every day.


What we offer

Spot contracts

So called because they're done 'on the spot', allowing you to secure an exchange rate and make your payments straight away. A spot is the ideal option if you're a busy person and just need to get things moving as soon as possible.

Forward contracts

Like to plan ahead? Then forward contracts could be for you. They allow you to lock in exchange rates now and make your international payments later. In fact, you can secure a rate up to three years in advance.

Regular international payments

If you're sending money abroad on a regular basis, you'll want to set up automated payments. You can arrange this quickly and easily with us over the phone or online.

How can we help? Choose an option below:

Business transfers
Business transfers

Great rates, personalised service and bespoke strategies to manage currency risk. We’re here to support your global journey.

Online sellers
Online seller transfers

Open local currency accounts in GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, AUD, SGD, NZD, HKD & CNH to make it faster and cheaper to collect your overseas sales from marketplaces like Amazon.

personal transfers
Personal transfers

Buying a place in the sun? Bringing home overseas income? We’ve already helped 50,000+ people like you make cheaper, easier and faster transfers.

Sending money to the UK?

WorldFirst will make it faster, cheaper and easier.

Great UK (GBP) exchange rates

Whether you’re moving to the UK for work and need to send your salary home, or buying a property there, we could save you money.

It’s all because we take a smaller margin on international transfers meaning that we’re able to offer you a better exchange rate. And that means you’ll get more for your money. Simple.

The benefits of UK foreign exchange with WorldFirst

The good news doesn’t stop at our great rates. With WorldFirst you’ll get:

    • Great rates on GBP transfers
    • Award-winning customer service as standard
    • Choice of transferring by phone or via our easy-to-use online platform
    • Option to make on the spot payments or secure a rate for future use with a forward contract
    • Ability to setup regular payments – ideal for mortgage payments or transferring a pension
    • Peace of mind – fast, safe, secure transfers

With WorldFirst sending money to the UK really is simple. Sign up now and see for yourselves how much time and money we can save you.

What are you waiting for?

Are you next ready?

We know currency. Let us remove the hassle of your next international money transfer, so you can focus on your future. Talk to us.

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