A better way to collect, covert and manage payments globally

We’re on a mission to make it easier to do business anywhere. Committed to making the movement of money around the world easier, faster and cheaper than ever before, our global network enables customers to collect, covert and pay all over the world.

A lasting partnership

Do you have clients with international suppliers, selling to clients globally, with staff in multiple territories or repatriating sales revenues, dividend payments of settling intercompany liabilities?

WorldFirst delivers first-class service to customers and partners around the world. Over 250,000 customers worldwide place their trust in our award-winning services. Our specialist products for small and medium enterprises range from fast transfers and spot contracts, to flexible hedging solutions, to single-platform accounts in multiple currencies.

We’ll work with you for the benefit of both your practice and your clients, get in touch with the Accounting partnerships team on +44 207 095 0741

Benefits for your practice

Save clients’ money

Provide consultation to clients with international exposure on ways to save money, reduce risk, and streamline processes

Save time

Reduce the time taken on data entry and transaction reconciliation with Xero integration

Expand your service

Broaden your offering and provide a value-added service to your clients

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Expertise and Support

Dedicated relationship manager to work with you to make the most out of our partnership

Benefits for your clients

Support your clients to make global payments in local markets and join over 250,000 customers worldwide that put their trust in WorldFirst.

SME FX specialists

Your clients will benefit from the products, pricing, and personalised service normally reserved by high street banks for larger customers, significantly improving cash flow and visibility.

Easy-to-use platform

Receive, hold and send funds in local currencies 24/7 with our full-service online platform.

Risk management

Our dedicated account managers can help your clients manage risk with flexible hedging solutions, firm orders, and real-time rate alerts.

Trusted globally

We are part of Ant Group, the operator of digital lifestyle platform Alipay which serves 1.3 billion users worldwide with its global e-wallet partners.

Competitive exchange rates

Quick, easy, and reliable international money transfers with transparent pricing from 0.15% to 0.60% applied across 27 currencies. No hidden fees.

Marketplace Sellers

Help your client avoid unnecessary foreign transfer fees. Collect, send, and repatriate funds with free local currency accounts, in their own name.

Mass Payment & Payroll

Streamline one-off and multiple payment needs through an an easy-to-use payment platform – one that lets you scale with ease.

Xero integration

Reduce time spent on accounting by synchronising transactions with Xero integration.

World First UK Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. Our FCA Firm Reference number is 900508. Ensuring the safety and security of your money is central to our business. We comply with the regulations and ensure your funds are appropriately safeguarded and segregated from business funds in line with the requirements, and we maintain high levels of capital.
We offer three fixed, transparent pricing tiers based on annual trading volume so you can know what you're paying ahead of time. The tiers range from 0.60%-0.15% and are applied across 27 currencies. Find out more information.
WorldFirst buys currency at a wholesale rate from our liquidity providers and charges a percentage margin to each currency exchange made through our services. The percentage margin charged is dependent on the pricing tier allocated to the customer making the trade. See more information on our pricing tiers.
WorldFirst agree a percentage profit paid to the partner in the form of revenue shares. We calculate your revenue shares by applying the agreed percentage profit to each currency exchange you refer, minus hard cost of payment.
No - it is completely up to you to decide. Some partners highlight WorldFirst’s products purely as an additional value for their customer base, whereas others choose to create an additional revenue stream for their business.
WorldFirst dedicate a relationship manager to each of our partners who will work closely with you to decide the best methods of effectively reaching your customer base. Throughout our relationship, we will offer employee training sessions, collateral and content, dedicated Urchin Tracking Module (tracking link) and more, so you can provide as much value to your customers as possible.
Users of our World Account can integrate with Xero. See more information on our integration and how to set up here.
WorldFirst send detailed performance reports to our partners at the end of every month. These reports provide a breakdown of the transactions made by referred customers and commission amounts per transaction. We will pay your commission within the first few working days of the month. To qualify for payment, a minimum of £25 commission is required; otherwise, we will roll your balance to the next month.