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Fraud awareness

At WorldFirst, the security of your money is our highest priority and we do our utmost to ensure that your money is safe from fraud. WorldFirst’s international payment service is a great way to send money to people you know and trust. If you need to send money to someone you don’t know well, you may be putting yourself at risk of fraud. Before authorising a payment from your WorldFirst account, we recommend you make sure you’re not sending money:
  • to someone you don’t know
  • to prove availability of funds to someone
  • to claim an inheritance or winnings from the lottery
  • to someone claiming to be a relative and in need of funds
  • to a person you met online and who is in need of funds
  • to pay for unexpected taxes
  • to claim the sale of shares from a previous investment
Equally, we advise taking some time to consult the external resources at the bottom of this page to learn more about what advice leading financial crime prevention organisations in the UK are offering.

Contact us

If you have a WorldFirst account and have authorised a payment which you now believe is part of a scam or fraud, please contact us via: If you believe someone has set up a WorldFirst account without your authorisation, please contact our team via: If you have made a payment to an account held with WorldFirst, which you believe to be fraudulent, please contact our team via: In all instances, if you think you are a victim of a fraud or scam we advise that you report it to Action Fraud and contact your bank.

External Resources:

Action Fraud: Cifas: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA): National Crime Agency: