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WorldFirst recently spoke with Chris Harris, Partner at The Home Fusion Company, one of our many valued customers who has used WorldFirst to grow their business internationally.

Tell us a little about The Home Fusion Company

Home Fusion is a UK based online retailer specialising in Homeware, gifts, and stationery.  We aim to supply the many household items which we all need but can’t always find in the high street. Launched in 2010, Home Fusion has sold millions of items, to thousands of customers, in over 20 countries.

We sell exclusively online, both through marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, and via our own website,

What are some of the big issues you have faced as an online business trading internationally?

As an online retailer selling through different marketplaces, we receive income in many different international currencies. We could repatriate these back to the UK using the marketplace’s payment services, however this is expensive and, in some instances, very slow.

We have looked for different providers offering cheaper and faster FX payment solutions. We’ve found WorldFirst’s prices are competitive across the board. The platform is very good, and it’s quick and simple to use, which saves us time – something of which is very important to us.

The simplicity and ease of use of the online platform are great, but where WorldFirst stands out is where we’re also able to speak to our relationship manager. This was particularly useful when we were considering using a forward contract to reduce our exposure to movements in exchange rates.

What has your experience been like with WorldFirst?

The Home Fusion company have been working with WorldFirst since December 2015. The WorldFirst platform is straightforward, easy to use and save us money. Different members of my team can access the system with different user permission levels depending on the tasks they are looking to complete.

They login daily, review the funds that have been received and transfer them back into sterling, all in a few clicks of the mouse. The back ups of the statements, payment confirmations, and Xero integration are all massive positives and save time.

We’re looking to continue to grow our business and WorldFirst makes it easier to do that. We recently started selling on WorldFirst were able to set up a local, New Zealand based currency account within 24 hours so that we could start receiving funds and making local payments. The service is really responsive.

What’s next for The Home Fusion Company?

Going forward, when we’re assessing new marketplaces, simplicity and automation are key. It’s also important that they integrate with our existing inventory software and WorldFirst’s payment services.

We’d like to increase the proportion of sales we’re making directly via our own website and I’m aware that WorldFirst integrates with a number of payment gateways which will help with this.

We’re also looking to grow the business and add to the number of marketplaces we’re selling through. Swedish Krona is a currency we’re anticipating more exposure to which may give an idea of our plans!

Final thoughts?

“WorldFirst is easy to use, saves time and straightforward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any business trading internationally.”
Chris Harris, Partner at The Home Fusion Company


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