World First is partnering with SD Worx, the global payroll and HR service provider, to deliver a single currency transfer solution to SD Worx’s international payroll and HR customer base.

The partnership provides SD Worx with an efficient, fully compliant payment service with the means to execute international payments at competitive exchange rates. As a result, SD Worx’s clients can seamlessly load up payments, authorise transactions in multiple foreign currencies and handle all of the associated reconciling and reporting. These services will be available on a single platform, offering enhanced control over the payment process and meaning clients could save time and cost over traditional banking methods.

World First’s ability to transact payments to over 150 countries in 127 currencies further supports SD Worx’s global reach, permitting clients to manage their international payroll with visibility and ease.

Thierry Vanbever, Director Global Services and Solutions, SD Worx, commented: “Managing the payments process in a large organisation across multiple geographies can be expensive and time consuming, especially managing the foreign exchange process to deliver payments in a wide range of currencies. Our partnership with World First helps business leaders to cut through this complexity and gain full control and visibility over all international payments processes.”

Seth Harvey, Global Head of Partnerships at World First, says: “We are proud to be partnering with a forward-thinking company like SD Worx to support business growth and transformation around the globe. In today’s increasingly connected and globalised world, it is important for business leaders to be able to manage their payroll and move money seamlessly and efficiently in any currency.”

The partnership is also enabling the two companies to move much closer to what has previously been the elusive industry goal of offering a truly global/single payroll solution for multinationals.

SD Worx’s Vanbever adds: “This partnership with World First addresses many of the challenges buyers of global payroll have faced historically, and provides a cohesive and coordinated solution that enables fast-growing businesses to expand internationally, secure in the knowledge that their global payroll and HR needs are in safe hands.”

Further underlining the success of the partnership, SD Worx and World First have been jointly shortlisted for the International Payments Supplier of the Year award at The Payroll Awards, with the winner set to be announced on 8 June 2017.