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1688 sourcing solution with seamless payment method

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Seamless integration

Smooth procurement on 1688.com and seamless payment integration to World Account 

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Pay securely with peace of mind

World Account integrates with your 1688 account to authorise your payments directly to 1688 suppliers

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No annual limits

No threshold limits for yearly foreign exchange payments


Lower your costs

Competitive exchange rate for conversions to RMB 

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What is 1688.com?

1688.com is China's leading online B2B marketplace for businesses dealing with wholesale, sourcing and dropshipping.

Facts about 1688.com:

  • 120 million registered users
  • 10 million suppliers
  • 1700 sub-categories

What is Cross-border Pay (跨境宝)?

Cross-border Pay (跨境宝/KJB) is a service provided by 1688.com and Ant Group. It is a one-stop cross border solution for international 1688 buyers outside of mainland China.

How to use Cross-border Pay (跨境宝/KJB):

  1. Register for a 1688.com account
  2. Register for a World Account by WorldFirst
  3. Top up or convert to CNH funds into your World Account
  4. Authorise World Account to link your payments to 1688.com via Cross-border Pay (跨境宝 /KJB)

*This payment solution is applicable to users in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Virgin Island British only. 

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Why source from 1688.com?


Competitive pricing

  • Up to 15% cheaper than sourcing from other B2B sourcing platforms and marketplaces
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Marketplace support

  • Global selling on marketplaces such as Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, Lazada, Shopee supported
  • Direct delivery of orders to multiple major marketplaces' warehouses in China
  • Cooperations with logistic companies that support international delivery
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Wide selection of products

  • Comprehensive range of the suppliers on 1688.com
  • Direct contact with factories via 1688.com
  • Widely support OEM model


Trusted by our customers


"Love the Kuajingbao (KJB) feature, saved all my hassles looking for a payment agent every time. Enjoyed correspondence with WorldFirst team as well with every queries always well clarified."

Jimmy Tan

Amazon seller


"Ever since my company used WorldFirst and KJB, our procurement process has improved in terms of efficiency and cost. Stable platform, transparent pricing. Highly recommended!"


Founder of Masoglobal

Beginner's guide to using 1688.com


Step-by-step guide for International Buyers

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Ultimate Guide to sourcing 1688.com

Download the Ultimate Guide to sourcing on 1688.com as an international buyer

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