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Guides to business with China


In our latest guide, we look at everything to do with China export licenses – who needs them, what for, and how to make sure your partners have one.

Mar / 2023

Returned payments can make a serious dent in a business’s profits. Here’s how online sellers can avoid them when doing business with partners in China.

Mar / 2023

Here’s our quick guide to Chinese renminbi and how you could save money with direct RMB payments.

Mar / 2023

Business expansion guides


With great locations to work from and a huge potential audience, could the US be the right fit for your business?

Feb / 2023

We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of setting up a business in the Netherlands. So, could it work for you?

Feb / 2023

Efficient transport, high living standards and borders with France, Germany and Italy make Switzerland ideal for business – but are there any red flags?

Feb / 2023

Logistics can prove tricky, but vibrant cities and booming tourism could make New Zealand an appealing business base.

Feb / 2023

Low corporate tax rates and a wealth of online shoppers make Canada a tempting prospect for business expansion.

Feb / 2023

Well-connected cities are paired with high living costs, but what else should you know ahead of expanding your business to Japan?

Feb / 2023

Online seller guides


How can seasonal businesses sustain themselves once Halloween is over or when the Christmas lights come down?

Feb / 2023

From dedicated listings to donations, here’s how your business can show its support for International Women’s Day.

Feb / 2023

When it comes to building a brand on Instagram, businesses can take their pick of the platform’s features, from live streaming to shoppable products and more.

Feb / 2023

The first shopping event of spring is getting close, so here are four tips to help your products land in the baskets of Easter shoppers.

Feb / 2023

With various dates around the world, Mother’s and Father’s Day are great opportunities for e-commerce sellers to boost their sales and brand.

Feb / 2023

Planning your 2023 sales strategy? Our latest infographic lists this year’s key retail dates, holidays and sales opportunities.

Jan / 2023

Valentine’s Day gifts can help e-commerce brands maximise sales in Q1. Find out how to create the best Valentine’s Day sale in your online store.

Jan / 2023

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