How New Zealand Honey Co is growing its global market share

How New Zealand Honey Co is growing its global market share

A wellness company focused on proactive health solutions, New Zealand Honey Co is bringing its certified, traceable manuka honey to the world, one marketplace at a time.


New Zealand Honey Co harvests its honey straight from hives in New Zealand's wild, rugged landscape.  For co-owner and director Scott Brundell, it was a steep learning curve to understand how online marketplaces work. But, as global demand for manuka honey increased, they became the ideal way to test and launch in new markets.

Currently, the company sells on 10 Amazon marketplaces and has plans to launch on four more this year.

Early in the journey, Scott discovered that moving money between borders can be an expensive business. Partnering with WorldFirst has helped him save on costs, allowing him to expand globally and at speed.

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