Changing the hospitality industry with safer egg products

Changing the hospitality industry with safer egg products

After a stint overseas working in Michelin-starred restaurants, chef Mark Beattie discovered a gap in the Australian hospitality market.


Mark Beattie is a chef of 25 years, working at Michelin-starred restaurants and five-star hotels around the globe, as well as hatted restaurants domestically. When he returned home, he discovered there was a lack of free-range eggs that were pasteurised available to the hospitality industry.

"The use of pasteurised eggs in commercial kitchens is enforced by food authorities in places like Paris and London. Most kitchens are so busy they don't have the time to pasteurise their own eggs, so they order eggs that have already been pasteurised.

"It was difficult to find this product in Australia, so that's how the business was born."

He founded Eggzi to provide high-quality egg products to restaurants, bars, distributors, caterers and more. The pasteurised products come in convenient pouches and jars for use in desserts, cocktails, sauces, pastas and breakfast items, avoiding waste when only yolks or whites are required and saving time for the staff.

Mark is eying global market expansion as well as a wider product range and uses WorldFirst to pay suppliers for manufacturing equipment.

“If you’re buying expensive machinery from overseas, you don’t want any hidden costs. WorldFirst were four to five percent cheaper than the banks. I was pleasantly surprised how fast my suppliers were getting the payments from WorldFirst.

"What really excites me is the opportunity to export our products overseas, and this is where we’ll have to lean on WorldFirst again for their expertise and highly competitive exchange rates.”

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