We’re working with PriceMinister-Rakuten – with 22 million members, one of the leading French marketplaces – to help online sellers grow their business and save money with competitive exchange rates when they repatriate their marketplace revenues.



A bit about them…

PriceMinister was founded in 2001. It is one of the leading French marketplaces with 22 million members, equivalent to a third of the total French internet users. In 2010, PriceMinister was acquired by Rakuten, the fourth biggest e-commerce group in the world.

  • Monthly website visitors: 9,000,000
  • Registered members: 22,000,000
  • Registered sellers: 5,000
  • Open seller registration or invite only?: Open seller registration
  • Websites: http://www.priceminister.com/  and https://services.priceminister.com/ (Services website is the reference website for professional sellers, where you will find specific information on how to develop your sales.)


  • Secure purchases and guaranteed payments: they act as a trusted third party to guarantee that all sales are paid
  • A branded and customised store
  • In-house marketing tools to help you develop your business
  • A dedicated E-commerce consultant with expertise in your market
  • Customer service managed by our operators, and helping to grow your business
  • Leader in fraud management


Which countries can international sellers reach on PriceMinister?

Selling on PriceMinister, you will be able to reach France (94% of sales), Belgium (2%), Switzerland (2%), Canada (1%), rest of the world (1%).

Which countries can PriceMinister accept sellers from?

No restrictions.

What categories can merchants sell in?

Merchants can sell in any category (Fashion & beauty, hi-tech, media, home etc.).

Which integrators are compatible with PriceMinister?

Shopping Flux, Sellermania, neteven.com, plusdemarché, facilecomm, Lengow, ECE, Iziflux.

What requirements does PriceMinister have for international sellers?

Being able to ship to France and being able to manage your returns in Europe (France preferred).
Must have a bank account.
EU merchants are recommended to have a VAT number.
Must have English speaking customer service.

How does a World First client supply their bank account details to PriceMinister?

World First clients will be asked to supply their bank account details during the registration process, on the Slimpay portal.

To find out more about PriceMinister, click HERE. If you’re interested in applying for a seller account then click HERE. As a World First customer, you can claim an exclusive three months free subscription with PriceMinister. Simply email sales@priceminister.com to let them know you have applied for a seller account and are a World First customer.