Selling on Trade Me, New Zealand’s biggest online marketplace, just got easier for overseas sellers with the launch of WorldFirst’s virtual NZD accounts.

WorldFirst now offers local New Zealand Dollar accounts that make it easier and more cost-effective for global online businesses to trade in New Zealand. By opening an NZD account, you can not only receive money from Kiwi customers in NZD, but also pay suppliers in New Zealand in the local currency.

Why does this matter? By operating like a local business, you can minimize the typical costs and markups associated with cross-border, cross-currency transfers, such as international banking fees. And that means more back in your business.

Helping overseas sellers save time and money in NZ

With our new NZD accounts you can send revenues from Trade Me directly to an NZD account with WorldFirst and then benefit from great WorldFirst rates when you choose to send your funds home.

It is free to open an NZD account and to start benefitting from WorldFirst’s great FX rates.

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Start selling on Trade Me: New Zealand’s #1 marketplace

According to New Zealand’s largest marketplace Trade Me, over 2 million Kiwis shop online. But because of a limited selection of products locally, 38% of transactions take place offshore. This means that online sellers who are able to sell locally, providing faster shipping at better prices, can fill in gaps in demand and win a large chunk of the market. And that means more earnings in your pocket without having to invest in language or translation services.

New Zealand has sophisticated online marketplaces that can make setting up shop in a new country easier. The biggest and most popular marketplace is Trade Me, which boasts a simple 5 step launch process for online sellers. The online shopping network receives nearly 1 million visitors daily and saw 6.6 million items sold in 2015 to over 4.7 million people. So what are you waiting for?

Singapore pre-registration is open

And that’s not all. We’re always looking at what’s next and we’ll soon launch accounts in Singapore dollars to help international sellers collecting funds in SGD. You can pre-register your interest now >>