How to authorise a 1688 account 

Here are the steps you need to follow to authorise a 1688 account to WorldFirst when making purchases from your suppliers.

How to book a transfer with WorldFirst

For international payment accounts

Step 1:

Once you have unlinked your 1688 ID from Alipay Business Account, log in to your WorldFirst account, click Payments on the top bar menu.

Next, select Cross-border Pay (跨境宝).



Step 2:

Click Activate to link your 1688 ID with WorldFirst.

Step 3:

Input your 1688 ID (You will need to login to your 1688 account to retrieve your 1688 ID).

If you're planning to add more than one 1688 account, give your 1688 ID a unique nickname to differentiate between 1688 accounts.


Step 4:

Select the tick box of the acknowledgement statement and click Next.


Step 5:

You will be promoted to key in the 6-digit verification code sent to your registered mobile number with WorldFirst.


Step 6:

You've successfully authorised your 1688 account with WorldFirst. Next, ensure you have sufficient balances in your CNH receiving account to make supplier payments.