Top 4 online marketplaces in Europe

Revealed: our top 4 online marketplaces in Europe

It’s difficult to find an online seller that hasn’t heard of Amazon or Etsy, but have you thought of trying some of the other fruitful online marketplaces found on the continent?


Here’s our top four online marketplaces for tapping into European consumers. With each boasting customers in their millions, it’s worth seeing if they’re a good fit for your products, too.


Allegro is at the top of many best online marketplace lists. It’s the most popular online marketplace in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. 20 million customers visit the platform each month, so there’s a huge potential market. Product categories include clothes, books, health and beauty and electronics.

As it’s such a vast site there’s stiff competition too, with 125,000 merchants. You’ll need to optimise your listings so they stand out and factor in fees and translation costs. However, being able to access both Poland and the surrounding countries with carefully selected products can be a great opportunity.


Cdiscount is one of the top online marketplaces in France and has over 40 different product categories ranging from consumer electronics to sportswear, tools to furniture. Cdiscount is a household name in France and has 23 million users a month, so is a great way to reach this market.

For UK sellers, CDiscount has produced a very user-friendly experience. There’s no commitment or contract to sign and they’ve got multi-lingual account managers to guide you from registration to first sale. You can register as a Cdiscount seller online.


In Germany, OTTO is the market leader with 10 million active customers. You can register as a seller online and you can view your turnover and other KPIs in their partner portal.

OTTO isn’t the most accessible online marketplace as you need to have a business in Germany with a German legal form and a German tax ID, although small businesses can be excluded from this requirement. Its wide range of categories and huge audience mean you could see significant returns if you pass the criteria to sell on this top online marketplace., is a great way to extend your reach to Belgium and the Netherlands. With over 2 million customers visiting the online marketplace every day, there will be plenty of eyes to draw to your products. Usually, Amazon is the go-to for consumer electronics and books, but in the Netherlands holds the top spot.

For sellers, uses their Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) system – so if your product has a GTIN, there’s no need for you to manually translate a thing. For’s commission, there’s no monthly fee whatsoever, meaning you only pay them when you make a sale. You can sign up as a seller online.

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