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Strong Customer Authentication

Standard SCA

  • Reduce risk of fraud
  • Increase consumer trust
  • Grow competitor landscape

WorldFirst remain committed to continue protecting customers against fraud and cybercrime.

With PSD2 casting a huge spotlight on the need to improve security in the payments space, ‘strong customer authentication’ (SCA) has been introduced as a key component in ensuring this happens. SCA provides consumer protection and aims to reduce the risk of unauthorised transactions and fraud. Along with open access, SCA is a core component of the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) introduced under PSD2.

Adding an extra layer of security onto the traditional username and password, two-factor authentication (2FA) is a crucial part of SCA. A common form of 2FA is the delivery of a one-time passcode that is sent to the mobile phone number associated to your account. Initially, WorldFirst delivered these codes by SMS. With standard SCA, you are required to enter your username and password along with a one-time passcode that is sent to the mobile phone number, associated with your account, via SMS.

SCA at WorldFirst for our mobile platforms

If you use one of our WorldFirst apps we will be asking you at login, when you add or manage a beneficiary or when you make a payment to use your biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition).

If you have an older device that doesn’t support biometrics you will be asked to enter your unique pass code.




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