When most people think of New Zealand they conjure up thoughts of Rugby, Lord of the Rings or maybe the ski fields; but what they might also be thinking of is a blue Kiwi bird…that being the logo of New Zealand’s most popular online retail brand Trade Me.

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Why sell in New Zealand?

This English-speaking nation has a real appetite for online shopping with strong year-on-year growth. The online spend was estimated at approximately $4.7 million last year in New Zealand and Trade Me recorded almost 20% of those sales at $825 million.

In terms of business setup, New Zealand has relatively few barriers to entry so can be a desirable destination for your business.

Many sellers take advantage of the countries geographical location too. If you’re selling goods in the northern hemisphere and are impacted by seasonal demand, also selling in the south could be the perfect way to maintain sales all year round.

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Why sell on Trade Me?

Trade Me was founded in 1999 and has worked its way up to become the dominant retailer in New Zealand. Today, the marketplace boasts over 4.4 million member accounts, is one of the most visited websites in the country and is amongst the most trusted brands in New Zealand.

Trade Me has apps for iOS and android, receiving over 1 million unique users per month, so you’ll be able to deliver an exceptional user experience to your customers. The sales and market analytics that sit behind your store will give you the platform to grow your business.

There are also plenty of options to promote your store through display advertising, email marketing and other external traffic drivers like Facebook.

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Most trusted brands in New Zealand

Selling on Trade Me

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