If you’re looking for a way to save money on international money transfers, a collections account with WorldFirst may be a good option. Compared to other companies or your local bank, WorldFirst can help you get more for your money when you’re sending earnings from ClickBank back home.

Affiliate marketing has become an important way for brands to reach new customers as digital and social media platforms take off, with influencers and affiliate marketers driving awareness and traffic to the brand or product. It’s not surprising, then, that there are now services and websites to make the process smoother for both the brand and the affiliate marketer.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a marketplace that matches merchants with affiliate marketers who receive commissions for promoting their products. With more than six million clients worldwide, it’s one of the most popular eCommerce channels in the USA and has been around since 1998. There is a wide range of products you can choose to promote – over 4,000 in fact – from categories such as health & beauty, self-help, online business services and arts & crafts.

Vendors will typically provide assets to marketers to help promote their products, such as banners, product descriptions and landing pages. ClickBank affiliates then drive traffic to their own landing pages using SEO, content marketing, email lists, social media and paid media to promote products or services.

In Australia, ClickBank is popular for its simple platform, global reach and reliable payments. In fact, Australia is in the top three countries that ClickBank works with, after the USA and Canada.

How to get paid by ClickBank

As an affiliate partner, you can choose to earn a commission on each sale, or a set amount for an action taken, such as a purchase. Payments to Australian affiliate partners can be made by direct deposit, wire transfer or through WorldFirst.

If you opt for direct deposit or wire transfer, you won’t necessarily be aware of the exchange rate or margin that you’re getting charged, meaning you could be losing a good portion of your earnings to fees and a poor exchange rate. This is where WorldFirst comes in.

Access USD receiving account details and achieve better exchange rates

The WorldFirst account gives your business access to USD receiving account details, so you can collect your commissions in the local currency and repatriate your affiliate payments at bank-beating exchange rates. The International Collections Account can be cheaper than other money transfers such as Payoneer, that might charge up to 2% in margins, compared to WorldFirst’s maximum margin of 0.60%.

This means you’re bringing home more of your hard-earned ClickBank payments in Australian dollars. With the WorldFirst account, you can also choose when to repatriate your funds, so you don’t get caught out by a dropping AUD/USD exchange rate.

How to sign up with WorldFirst and get paid

Here’s how to get started with WorldFirst:

  1.  Sign up for a free WorldFirst account.
  2. Provide a few on-boarding documents so we can get to know your business.
  3. Add your USD account details to your ClickBank account.
  4. Collect commission payments direct into your World Account. You can hold funds, make payments directly from your account or convert your funds to AUD for 0.60% or less.


How to add your your WorldFirst USD account details to ClickBank

  1. Select ‘Account Settings’ on top right hand corner.
  2. Under ‘Payment Information’, select ‘Edit’.ClickBank dashboard
  3. Select ‘Direct Deposit’.
  4. Under ‘Direct Deposit Information’, fill in the WorldFirst USD receiving account details. These details can be found in the ‘Currency Accounts’ tab of your WorldFirst online account.
    WorldFirst currency account details
  5. Select ‘Checking’ as the Account Type.
  6. Accept Terms & Conditions and save changes

ClickBank payment method

Learn more about the WorldFirst account

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