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About Budgy Smuggler

Budgy Smuggler began as a laugh amongst mates in the backyard when they decided to put ‘Budgy Smuggler’ on the back of a speedo-style swimwear. Till this day however, they haven’t figured out how nor why they have been successful.

With a decade of running their operations from their hometown of Manly – Australia, they expanded their operations to the UK & Europe in 2016 so customers were able to enjoy the warm European sunshine in their budgy’s!

The beauty of Budgy Smuggler is they are 100% Australian made from the best quality fabrics with an understanding that there can be no compromise on quality.

An Australian family owned and operated business who have desired to never have a traditional desk job, Budgy Smuggler are now aspiring to sell 1 item per minute by 2023!

Benefits of Working with FX Specialists for SMEs

1) Pay your overseas suppliers with bank-beating exchange rates

Most Aussie small businesses don’t take into account the real costs of paying their overseas suppliers with banks.  The process to pay your overseas supplier can be completed in 5 easy steps with WorldFirst:

  1. Receive your invoice in a foreign currency. Some of our common currencies for supplier payments are USD, EUR, HKD, CNH, NZD and GBP.
  2. Add you beneficiary online or through account manager.
  3. Secure your exchange rate with WorldFirst online or through your account manager.
  4. Send your money to WorldFirst.
  5. We pay your supplier. This can be as fast as same-day for major currencies.

Switching from your bank to FX specialist providers to pay your overseas suppliers will result exchange rate margins up to 8x cheaper than the banks and paying significantly less fees too! If you don’t believe us, here’s a comparison we’ve conducted on your behalf:

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Take your local business global with World Account

With COVID seeing a large shift in businesses taking their businesses online and expanding globally. It is never a great experience for businesses to access local bank account details in foreign countires. World Account gives your business access to local bank account details in USD, GBP, EUR, NZD, AUD, CNH, JPY, SGD, CAD and HKD, allowing your business to collect in local currency, make overseas same-currency payments and hold funds for your business.

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