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How to set up automatic transfers for recurring payments

Step 1:

Select ‘Payments’ from the Top Nav.

Step 2:

Select ‘Automatic transfer.’

Step 3:

Select ‘Create a new rule’ in the top-right corner.

Step 4:

Select the desired payee from the drop down menu and input a reference if required.

Step 5:

(a) Choose the currency account you wish to debit.

(b) Select ‘Fixed amount.

(c) Following this, select one of the below options:

  • Select ‘Send Amount’ (the amount we’ll debit from the currency account).
  • Select ‘Payee Receives Amount’ (the amount the payee will receive in their currency account).

Step 6:

Input the desired amount before selecting the start date and the frequency.

Step 7:

Confirm your automatic rule via Authy or SMS.

Step 8:

Review your automatic transfer rule and hit confirm.

Step 9:

Once complete, you’ll see a screen confirming that your new automatic transfer rule has been booked.