How-to guide: International Collections Account (World Account)

Whether you've just opened an account or are in need of a quick refresher, take a look at the video below that covers everything you need to know about your International Collections Account (World Account).

How to book a transfer with WorldFirst

For international payment accounts

Topics covered

Getting started with the International Collections Account (World Account)

  • Section 1: How to login (00:48)
  • Section 2: Dashboard navigation (01:59)
  • Section 3: How to add a beneficiary (02:19)
  • Section 4: How to make a payment (03:38)
  • Section 5: How to open a currency account, where to find your details, and how to generate your Account Verification Letter (07:00)
  • Section 6: How to use the reporting function (10:11)
  • Section 7: How to use the reporting function - your trade history (11:14)
  • Section 8: How to link your WorldFirst account to your Xero account (11:48)
  • Section 9: How to use the Authy app (12:41)
  • Section 10: How to register for daily market updates (13:41)
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