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Proof of account ownership

How to generate proof of account ownership (Account Verification Letter) online

When a merchant opens a new marketplace storefront or changes the bank account details linked to an existing storefront, marketplaces often require proof of account ownership – such as a statement or account opening letter (often referred to as an ‘Account Verification Letter’). This verification allows them to begin receiving payments into the new account.

With WorldFirst, there is no longer the need to pick up the phone to request this document.

We’ve automated and simplified the process, enabling our customers to generate an account verification letter directly from the platform dashboard, allowing you to move faster with your marketplace account setup.

Step 1:

Click on the currency of the account details you wish to view

Step 2

Find the account card you would like the details of, and click ‘View details’.

Step 3

A window will open on the right of your screen displaying your account details.

Click the red ‘Download proof of account’ button at the bottom of the window.