Export overseas with an easy alternative to multiple business accounts

Use a single account to make and collect payments in all major currencies.

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Exporting made easy

As companies seek to access new markets and grow their businesses, the ease and simplicity of receiving payments quickly and securely is crucial. Our multi-currency accounts support the fast-moving and dynamic nature of global trade and remove a key barrier to international growth.

We enable exporters to collect payments safely, and pay their suppliers, partners and staff securely and at speed – all from a single account. Join international businesses across the globe that trust WorldFirst to help them grow faster and manage their payments better.

We’re rated "Excellent" on Trustpilot. Here are three reasons why.

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Collect payments in 10 major currencies

Open local currency accounts to make and receive international payments and reach millions of customers within days.

Speed up international payments - fast transfers

Make faster payments with a local, secure alternative

With WorldFirst, your money can be held locally. That means faster in-country payments, lower fees for customers and the ability to pay your suppliers and staff easily.

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A cost-effective account that makes business sense

Our simple and clear pricing model offers value for money and minimises your costs.

International invoices and payroll, all taken care of

  • Pay into China, the US, Europe and more – we can move more than 68 currencies for you
  • Automate your accounting with seamless Xero integration
  • Make bulk payments with our quick file upload system
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Businesses trust WorldFirst

Since 2004, more than 240K businesses have utilised WorldFirst to send more than £87bn around the world.

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