Together@ WorldFirst

WorldFirst Together is a collective group of employees who are passionate about making a difference, not only to the lives of fellow WorldFirsters, but to the business and wider community too.



Corporate social responsibility = Together@ WorldFirst

Under the Together umbrella, there are three teams each supporting one of the key pillars; social, belong and community.

The teams are all made up of individuals who have generously found time on top of their day-to-day roles to champion all sorts of great initiatives and fund-raising events for lots of good causes...or sometimes just because they want to have fun!


Community ensures that the company is supporting global and local causes as much as it contributes to international payments.

From engaging in the benefits and availability of volunteer days to establishing and maintaining charitable relationships for causes that our employees are passionate about, Community’s long term goal is to align the work they are doing with the core business strategy in order to build a legacy that current and future WorldFirsters can be proud of.

Our partnership with the Prince's Trust


Belong are passionate about providing a welcoming environment where inclusivity is the norm and everyone feels that they can bring their whole true self to work.

They achieve this through raising awareness, creating honest conversations and celebrating our diverse workforce through a variety of different events, with a goal of educating and inspiring our staff. Ultimately the Belong committee want to ensure that every employee feels like they belong at WorldFirst, together.


As the name suggests, Social are working to improve the lives of WorldFirsters and build a happy, fun, social environment.

As well as the legendary Summer and Christmas parties, they also organise a variety of other activities that bring WorldFirsters together – previous events have included Bogan Bingo, bowling and Flight Club!

It’s not all about nights out either. They’ve organised Easter egg hunts, Chinese new year celebrations and have expert pancake makers on speed dial. On one legendary occasion they even arranged for labradors (yes - real ones!) to attend the office to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dog.