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Whatever business you’re in and wherever money crosses borders, you could grow your business by partnering with WorldFirst.

WorldFirst solutions for you

Add more value

WorldFirst provides value-added service to your clients, including instant foreign currency collection accounts.

Increase customer loyalty

Unrivalled support for you and your clients means you can find solutions quickly and accurately, saving time and money, and improving customer satisfaction.

Dedicated help and support

One of our dedicated account managers will work with you to make the most out of our partnership.

New revenue stream

Refer your clients to us and add to your income. Simply make the introduction and we’ll take it from there. You’ll get a percentage of the profit we make.

WorldFirst solutions for your clients

Competitive exchange rates

We offer quick, easy and reliable international money transfers across 40+ currencies.

Easy-to-use platform

Businesses can receive, hold and send funds in local currencies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with our full-service online platform.

Collect from global marketplaces

Marketplace sellers can collect foreign earnings with ease. We’re also an Amazon Payment Service Provider.

Pay international suppliers

Pay suppliers in China at a lower cost in offshore CNH. Or convert from USD to CNH.

Choose a partnership to suit your business


At WorldFirst we recognise that we make up one small piece of a very large puzzle when it comes to international trade.

That’s why we work with a number of strategic partners in order to add value to each other’s customers.

E-commerce partners

We’re on a quest to make it easier for e-commerce merchants to do business globally.

If you identify with our mission, we’re on the lookout for e-commerce enablers, sourcing agents, marketplaces or logistics providers to partner with us!

Integrated (API)

Whether you’re a marketplace, a bank, or a travel tech company, our API makes it easy for you to integrate our end-to-end international payment system into your existing platform.

The WorldFirst API allows your clients access to other opportunities around the world via a single API integration without ever leaving your app or platform.


Add an additional revenue stream to your business by referring your clients to use our service and we’ll pay you a percentage of the profit we make.

We’ll also supply you with marketing materials, plus a unique tracking link to help you drive leads.