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An API for large-scale success

Here’s the flexibility you need to manage your business, no matter if you’re a marketplace, bank, business owner or developer. Our API connects your own applications to your World Account so you can automate your data and pay or get paid internationally, from one place.


Our API allows your customers to access global opportunities without ever leaving your app or platform. They can open their own local currency accounts, make faster international payments and so much more.


  • Easy, flexible integration
  • Your platform, your design, our financial network
  • Automate your payments
  • Real-time online reporting, including payment creation and tracking


  • Open global currency accounts without leaving your platform
  • Pay and get paid quickly and easily into their World Account
  • Fully regulated, with customer funds kept separately in tier 1 banks
  • Access live rates and competitive prices to protect their bottom line


We can support your customers, no matter their needs.

Investment management

Add our API to your investment management platform so your customers can invest their money in global markets from one place.

B2B payments and treasury management

Get competitive rates fast and access payment solutions to simplify your business processes.

Mass payments and payroll

Our globally compliant and secure platform lets you make one or multiple payments at once so you can scale with ease.

Marketplace integration

Let your e-commerce sellers open local currency accounts in 10+ currencies so they can get paid by overseas customers. They’ll be able to view balances, pay suppliers and manage FX payments.

Financial institutions and banks

If you’re a tier 1 financial institution or bank, our tools can help you grow. We offer flexible payment options and accounts for different currencies, all within your current design.

Plus, to make things easier for your customers, we may be able to use your existing KYC processes.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Sign up

Speak to our sales team to sign up for an API key.

2. Try it out

Use our sandbox environment to start simulating a live experience.

3. Contact us when ready

When you’re set, just let us know to start.

WorldFirst API developer resources

Here’s all the information you need, in one place. Got questions? Our support team is here to help.

API demo

Explore our API test environment to see how our back-end payment technology works.

Access our sandbox

Test and validate live data responses in our controlled sandbox environment.


Find clear, concise and detailed documentation for easy integration.