Better business for you and your clients

Introduce your clients to our smart accounting solutions To help make your job easier, we’ve simplified how you and your clients can make and track international payments.

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Better business for you and clients
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Good for you
  • Settle international invoices and payroll, quickly and easily.
  • Automatically sync transactions in up to 10 currencies with Xero integration.
  • Save time with automated recurring payments and bulk file uploads.
Good for your clients
  • Save time preparing accounts and reconciling transactions.
  • Advise your clients on how to improve their processes.
  • Expand the range of services you provide your clients.
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Already use Xero? 

Connect your clients’ International Collections Account (formerly the World Account) to Xero and you can instantly reconcile transactions and reduce accounting admin.

Learn more about our Xero integration.


Tell clients about WorldFirst

One of our dedicated relationship managers will work with you to find the best ways to talk to your customers. This could include:

  • Advice on employee training sessions
  • Help with promotional content
  • Installing a dedicated Urchin Tracking Module (tracking link) to track referrals back to your business

Find out more about becoming a partner by calling our Accounting Partnerships Team on +65 6805 4370.

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