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What’s two-factor authentication (2FA)?

2FA means using more than one method to make sure it’s really you online. So, when you’re trying to log in to your account, you’ll need two ways to prove your identity.

With 2FA, you’ll need to use two forms of verification:

  • Something you’ve got – such as an app that shows a code or a card reader
  • Something you know – such as your password
  • Something you are – such as your fingerprint

You’ve probably seen this before, especially when banking. Banks often ask for a password and a code that they text you.

Why is it important?

It’s about keeping your account safe. 2FA increases security, making it harder for others to pretend they’re you or trick you into giving away your details.

Where will i need to use 2FA?

Soon, you’ll need 2FA every time you pay online or change payment details, no matter who you’re dealing with. So when you log in like usual, you might get asked a security question or get a text with a 6-digit code.

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