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Opening the door to Asia
Although buying from China is easier than ever thanks to advances in transportation and communication, it can still seem daunting.

WorldFirst can help your business pay Asian suppliers like a local, with fast and secure same day and next day transfers in CNH, EUR USD & HKD to Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Speed up payments, and your supply chain

Access our networks and over a decade of experience helping businesses pay into China.

Currency Settlement time Payment cut off time Full value transfer* Pay "on behalf of"** Supplier account
CNH Same day GMT 10:00 Yes Yes - notes required**
USD Next day GMT 17:30 Yes Yes
CNH Same day GMT 12:00 Yes Yes
USD Same day GMT 10:30 Yes Yes
HKD Same day GMT 10:30 Yes Yes
USD*** Same day GMT 17:30 Yes Yes

* Full value transfer: Your beneficiary will receive the entire funds, without any foreign bank charges.

** Pay on behalf of: WorldFirst send payments on behalf of you the customer, providing clarity and ease of reconciliation when payments are received by the beneficiary in your name. Please note: for CNH payments you also need to include "on behalf of [customer name]" in payment notes.

*** When opting to pay suppliers on by transfer to Singapore or Hong Kong, settlement accounts

Benefits to your business

As part of our mission to make it easy to do business anywhere, we offer enhanced payment capabilities West to East.
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Speed up international payments

  • WorldFirst can reach banks anywhere in China. Transactions can be settled directly in CNH with same-day and next-day payment options
  • Extend your business reach with same-day USD and HKD payments to any Hong Kong-based account
  • Hong Kong-based beneficiaries can receive funds more efficiently with WorldFirst’s local pay-out capability

Increased flexibility

  • Increase your negotiation power. Making payments directly in CNH rather than USD is quick, convenient, and can save you money
  • Flexibility to pay Chinese suppliers in CNH, USD, HKD, or EUR
  • Open CNH* and HKD* currency accounts, to collect, convert or make payments

*Currency accounts located in Hong Kong

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Experience and networks

  • WorldFirst has made more than 1 million payments into China over the past 12 months, valued at almost €14.8bn
  • Since 2019, we've been part of Ant Group, the operator of digital lifestyle platform Alipay. Alipay serves 1.3 billion users worldwide with its global e-wallet partners, allowing us to leverage one of the largest global commerce ecosystems in the world


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  • Almost 1,000,000 businesses have sent $150B around the world with WorldFirst and its partner brands since 2004
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