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April showers are starting to give way and the first buds are beginning to form on the trees—it can only mean one thing—spring is finally here! Spring also brings with it the beginning of a brand new tax year. It’s a time when people start to weigh up all the opportunities in front of them and set their personal and professional plans for the year ahead.

In our latest edition of Transfer magazine, we look at the backdrop individuals are facing this year. With tax revenues at an all-time high and inflation on the rise we reveal what your tax money is actually being used for and which of your favourite products may cost you a bit more in a post-Brexit Britain. Our Chief Economist takes a bird’s-eye view on Europe and asks: will we see a recovery this year?

And, to help inspire your 2017 ambitions we share some key tips for those looking to move abroad from the UK and for those looking to break free of the corporate grind and start-up their own business.
Discover what’s inside:
Inflation focus: five things that have gotten much more expensive and why
Will we see a recovery in Europe this year?
Looking to become your own boss in 2017? Here are five tips to get you started
UK tax revenues at an all-time high—but where is this money going?
Thinking about moving to Canada? Top tips to help make your transatlantic dream a reality
Look how far we’ve come