How to make multiple payments
on your World Account

How to book a transfer with WorldFirst

For international payment accounts

Step 1:

Navigate to 'Make a payment' on your screen and select 'Multiple payee' from the drop down menu.

Note: you will be prompted with the following question how to add a new payee? 


Step 2:

Once the currency is selected, the drop down menu for 'select a payee'  then shows all payees available to you in that currency.
Step 3:

Next, enter the amount you want each payee to receive. You'll then be given the option to choose which currency balance to fund the payments.

Please note: this could be same currency or an FX payment.

The sending amount, fee and exchange rates are then automatically calculated and displayed.


Step 4:

You'll then see a summary of your choices and be offered the option to accept or go back to make amendments. Once accepted, the payments has been scheduled.

Step 5:

Viewing all batch payments can be accessed straight after booking a mass payment by clicking 'Payment Details'. This page will show all mass payments created.

Please note: All mass payments will be grouped by “batch ids” to help easily identify the batch of mass payments created and the overall batch status.