How to add multiple payees
by file upload

How to book a transfer with WorldFirst

For international payment accounts

Step 1:

To add multiple payees, go to 'Add a new payee' via the 'Payments tab'.

Step 2:

Select the 'Multiple payees'option.
Step 3:
Once 'multiple payees' is selected, you'll have option to choose the type of payees you want to add.

Step 4:

You can then select the payee country and currency you are uploading.

Please note: payees being uploaded must all be of the same currency and country.


Step 5:

You can then download a template and fill in the payee details. Once the file has been uploaded, it will automatically go through validation checks to ensure the account details are valid.

If you're happy to continue with the payees’ that passed the validation checks, you'll be shown a summary screen and prompted to provide confirmation by performing 2FA. Once 2FA has been passed, you'll be shown a final summary of all the payees added.


Step 6:

If you want to view the progress or the history of all payee uploads, you can view this by going to: 'Payments' > 'View All payees' > 'Multi-payee creation history' or however you see fit.