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With an International Payments Account from WorldFirst, you can pay your overseas suppliers and staff as easily as if they were around the corner.

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Speed up international payments

Same-day payments available for major currencies. 

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Reach out to more suppliers

Pay in 50+ currencies, so you can buy more competitively, from more countries.

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Bank-beating exchange rates

Great exchange rates with margins of 0.60% or less.

Currency Converter 

Pricing, often called a margin, is the difference between the rate we buy your currency and the rate we sell it to you.

Most banks and FX providers will not disclose their pricing/margin as it’s hidden in the exchange rate you receive as the customer. Banks can charge a high margin and in many cases also a fixed fee. The true cost of your transfer is the fee plus the margin taken by your provider.

Margins are indicative and determined by transfer volumes. As such, margins are tailored to each business. The ‘Your margin’ field on the currency converter can be adjusted from 0.10% to 0.60% to display a range of customer exchange rates. Learn more about our pricing structure.

Our pricing

Margin0.60% or less
Collection/Receiving fees$0
Account management fees$0
Opening local currency receiving accounts$0

^Fees will be charged for most payments. Our fee structure is based on the destination currency and location of the beneficiary. For payments made domestically in locally currency, such as a USD payment to a US based beneficiary, the fee will be USD $2.50. For payments made internationally, such as a USD payment to Hong Kong (China), the fee will be USD $10. Fees vary by currency and are charged in the destination currency.

Spot contract icon

Spot contracts

If you need to make an international payment with very little notice, a spot contract could provide the perfect solution.

You can make a payment as soon as you’ve agreed your rate and we’ve received cleared funds.

Fixed forward contracts

Forward contracts

Lock in an exchange rate for up to two years with a forward contract and help protect budgets from adverse currency fluctuations and mitigate risk.

Firm Order icon

Firm orders

With a firm order, you instruct us to execute a transaction on your behalf at a rate of your choosing.

When the rate hits the level you want we’ll act immediately, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.


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The International Payments Account is free to open with no monthly or annual fees, plus no deposit requirement or cap on transfers.
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