When Jill Chehaibi became a mother in 2014, her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. Previously a support worker for adults with learning disabilities, Chehaibi knew continuous 12-24 hour shifts were not sustainable as a new mother. She needed a career which afforded her the flexibility of taking care of her 2 children whilst generating a steady income to support her family.

Chehaibi went online in search of this new role, looking at various opportunities to earn money whilst still being committed to her primary day job- being a full time mum. After researching various ways to start her own business, Chehaibi found courses and workshops geared towards helping budding entrepreneurs become Amazon superstars selling on international marketplaces.

By December 2016, Chehaibi was ready to launch Momma Bear Essentials on Amazon.com selling great quality parenting and baby [products in bundles to provide value and simplicity to new parents.

Over the past 8 months, Chehaibi have seen her sales steadily increase and Momma Bear essentials providing a reliable income for her and her family. More importantly, she enjoys her new career which allows her to fulfil her desire to be a full time Mum by day and then a CEO of a multinational business once the kids are in bed.

Despite initial challenges of finding enough time to grow her business and the lack of resource to meet challenges like marketing her product effectively, Chehaibi believes she’s learnt a lot from her experience and is looking forward to expanding saying

“I’m passionate about providing value! I love being able to get the best prices so that I can pass that onto my customer.”

Within a short amount of time, Chehaibi has completely changed careers and excelled at delivering great products in bundles her customers want. For her, there’s no looking back.

Working with WorldFirst to repatriate income earnt from sales on Amazon USA, Chehaibi depends on their service to save her time and money as she has found some of the traditional methods not to be of great value. She is happy that she’ll now be able to pay suppliers directly from her World Account admitting “this will save so many headaches and time.”

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