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Education and tuition fees

So your son has just got a place at London School of Economics – congratulations! Now you’re going to need to make sure his fees are paid in sterling, and his allowance arrives quickly and reliably.

If you or your child is living and studying overseas – practically anywhere in the world - we can help protect payments from fluctuations in exchange rates, transferring them directly to the school, university or your own personal bank accounts. 

Minimise your risk

We’ll get you the best rate. If you’re making regular payments, we can fix your exchange rate for up to three years using forward contracts, so you’ll know exactly how much will arrive at the destination every term or month. 

We also offer many other ways of minimising your exposure to fluctuations in currency values. Have a look at our Foreign Exchange Services section for more information.

Paying tuition fees

Two children from the Tan family are studying in the UK. Mr and Mrs Tan use World First to transfer payments from their Hong Kong  bank account directly to the school and university where their daughters are studying.
They decide to fix the exchange rate for the fees and make termly payments. With World First, they can fix exchange rates for up to two years in advance by paying a 10% deposit.

Their payments are made simply and seamlessly by bank transfer to the school and university – and also to their  son and daughters’ personal UK bank accounts.  


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