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In these unprecedented times, currency market volatility has impacted a host of global businesses and many of our customers are seeking ways to better manage risk of future fluctuations.

WorldFirst is delighted to be involved with a new Raconteur Business Growth & Recovery special report published in The TIMES.

The TIMES special report focuses on providing business leaders with positive and practical support to prepare for a resilient and stronger 2021. It features content on pivoting to eCommerce, new ways of engaging with customers, cross-border transactions and borderless transfers, as well as supply chain sustainability.

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In this report

Protecting against currency risk
Currency market volatility has impacted many global businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Finance directors are seeking to manage the risks from future fluctuations. To be successful, what do they need to consider?
Outlook for recovery
It is impossible to overstate the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on global businesses, but many have taken the saying “never waste a good crisis” to heart.
Unlocking the procurement powerhouse
Procurement and supply chain teams have proved vital for business continuity in 2020. Around a virtual roundtable, seven experts advise on how these teams can trigger growth in 2021.
Q&A: International growth at the click of a button
A boom in businesses trading on digital marketplaces has underscored the need for local currency accounts, but what do companies need to consider as they go global?
Why the labour market won’t return to normal
Pandemic furloughs, layoffs and rising unemployment have dominated headlines this year. But even with recent government measures to ease the strain, those hoping for a return to a pre-coronavirus normal may be waiting a long time.
How can data be used to drive smarter decision making?
Leaders from Splunk, the ODI, Department for International Trade, Visa and Nesta examine how data can drive smarter decision making, power recovery and ensure future growth.
Powering recovery with smarter decision-making
Technologies such as big data and machine-learning can help both businesses and governments make better decisions. A virtual roundtable panel of experts looks at how to break down barriers to adoption.
Resilience in Industry 4.0 requires strong risk management
The ability to automate traditional manufacturing and industrial processes, supported by data sensors and powerful analytics, has seen the Industry 4.0 trend turbocharge the growth of many companies.

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