International payments experts, World First, today announces a partnership with B2C Europe, one of the leading specialists in cross-border e-commerce delivery, to help international sellers  save money and improve their worldwide delivery processes .

With the number of individuals shopping online across Europe predicted to reach 210 million by 2018, the new partnership makes it easier for international sellers to benefit from this growing market through seamless delivery and currency transfer processes.

B2C Europe is the leader in smart solutions for the e-commerce industry in Europe. Its direct access to the most competitive postal solutions for distribution and returns enables retailers to expand their international operations quickly and easily.

At present, many international sellers in Europe use a standard international bank transfer or marketplaces directly when repatriating their revenue, which can be costly and inflexible. World First offers free access to receiving bank accounts around the world so merchants can collect marketplace revenue in the local currency. They can then transfer their earnings back home through World First at a great exchange rate.

Speaking on the partnership, Rick Kirk, Head of Business Development at B2C Europe says:

“World First offers a credible, convenient and cheaper alternative for our clients. The partnership will help us offer a more profitable way for retailers to repatriate their hard-earned sales revenues. Our clients work hard to sell their products across Europe and saving money in currency conversions will be a huge benefit to their businesses.”

 Adding his thoughts, Luke Trayfoot, Head of Partnership Sales EMEA at World First says:

“With a growing number of online sellers in the European marketplace, a viable delivery and returns solution is paramount to every merchant. We endeavour to get as many of our sellers on marketplaces that work for their business, and our partnership with B2C Europe will be a critical component to this.”