Currency converter

We believe currency conversions should be transparent.

Welcome to our customer rate currency converter, where you can calculate indicative FX quotes for all of your transactions based on real-time market pricing.

This converter hosts some of our most popular currencies, but you aren’t limited to these pairs. With 40+ currencies available online and over the phone, our customers can enjoy bank-beating exchange rates for all of their international payments.

Margins are indicative and determined by transfer volumes. As such, margins are tailored to each business. The ‘Your margin’ field on the currency converter can be adjusted from 0.10% to 0.60% to display a range of customer exchange rates.

Our competitive pricing is determined by a range of factors including: size of payment, currency pairs being traded, your location and that of your payee and your annual transfer volume. Learn more.

Our pricing

Margin0.60% or less
Collection/Receiving fees$0
Account management fees$0
Opening local currency receiving accounts$0

^Our payment fees are determined by factors including the location where you and your payee are based and the currency you want to convert to.

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