World First helps people enjoy amazing experiences by giving them a hand with their currency transfers. Speaking of amazing experiences, check out these crazy events around the world in 2016!

cheeseGloucestershire Cheese Rolling, Coopers Hill, Gloucestershire, UK – May 30
Chasing down a steep hill after a massive cheese – how very English!

Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling, Edirne, Turkey – June 18
Rolling around in a field, wrestling in oil. Just sounds like a standard Friday night out to us! These days, there’s no fight to the death. Everything’s so ‘safe’ these days, huh?

Camel Cup, Alice Springs, Australia – July 9
It’s racing. On camels! If it sounds odd, that’s because it is all rather odd. Funny to watch, though!

MudBoryeong Mud Festival, Daecheon Beach, South Korea – Mid-July
Mud’s supposed to be good for the skin. You’ll have amazing skin after this! It’s a lot of fun, very messy, with some great live music too.

Darwin Beer Can Regatta, Darwin, Australia – July 17
Down on Mindil Beach, they race vessels made of beer cans. Some are really well made, and float. Some, er, don’t.

Air Guitar World Championships, Oulu, Finland – August 15
Get your air guitar out. Still can’t see it. I still can’t see.. Oh, right. You wouldn’t thing Tomsthere’d be a world championships for this, but you’d be surprised how lifelike their air guitars look.

La Tomatina, Valencia, Spain – August 31
It’s a tomato-ey mess. 125,000 kilos of tomatoes, literally everywhere. Everyone and everything is covered in the stuff. I hope you like tomatoes…

Santa Con, various cities – throughout December
Dress up as Santa, and be with loads of other Santas. Follow the rules – no scaring the kids – and get festive!
Like the sound of these? There are plenty more great events as part of our 101 Must-Do Global Events in 2016.

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