A coffee addiction knows no borders. People all over the world require a caffeine fix to start their morning, and Starbucks dominates the industry year after year. It’s no surprise that Starbucks is the most iconic coffee brand in the world, growing by an average of two stores every day. Even while abroad, it’s almost impossible to escape Starbucks coffee. Even among a plethora of local shops, Starbucks still seems to win the hearts (and wallets) of coffee lovers against any odds. The price of sustaining your coffee addiction fluctuates from country to country. We looked at the price of Starbucks drinks in 10 cities around the world and converted the price in each country’s currency to US dollars for comparison. When looking at these prices around the world, keep in mind that the normal US price of a tall Caffé Latte is $2.95 and the average price of a tall Caffé Mocha is $3.45.

New York

It’s no surprise that everything’s more expensive in New York, earning the number 1 spot as the most expensive city in the United States. From the cost of rent to groceries, New Yorkers are accustomed to always paying a little bit more. Even the cost of Starbucks drinks are 30 cents more. Coffee addicts in New York have to be willing to shell out $3.25 for a tall Caffé Latte or $3.75 for a tall Caffé Mocha.


If you’re looking to get your Starbucks fix in London after a long day of exploring the Tower Bridge and Big Ben, be prepared to pay a little bit more than you would in the US. The tall Caffé Latte comes in at $3.05. While this is a little more expensive than the average US price, it’s actually less than the cost of one in New York! However, a Caffé Mocha is more expensive than both at $3.83.


Sydney, Australia proved to be comparable to our average US price. The cost of a tall Caffé Latte amounted to $2.99 and a tall Caffé Mocha came to $3.46. If you’re visiting Sydney you might have to adjust your vocabulary a little bit, you won’t have to work too hard to adjust your coffee budget.

Hong Kong

Don’t be alarmed when you end up paying over a dollar more for your favorite drink in Hong Kong. A tall Caffé Latte will cost you $4.35 and a tall Caffé Mocha comes out to $4.73. This may seem steep, but if can’t live without your caffeine fix it’s the price you have to pay! Just think—this could be your pick-me-up in the morning to prepare yourself for a packed itinerary.


Starbucks drinks in Mumbai are slightly cheaper than in the States. A tall Caffé Latte comes in at around $2.82, while the tall Caffé Mocha amounts to about $3.21. Each of these drinks are around 20 cents less than the average US price. You don’t have to feel too guilty about grabbing a cup of coffee after a long day of exploring the Gateway of India or Heritage Buildings.


Another city where drinks are much cheaper than the normal price is Istanbul. Starbucks addicts can purchase a tall Caffé Latte for a steal of only $2.19. A tall Caffé Mocha comes out to around $2.61, which is 84 cents less than the typical US cost. With prices like these, you might have to upgrade to the bigger size!


Dubai has a reputation for being lavish and expensive. Therefore, it’s no surprise that their cost of drinks at Starbucks is higher than the US average. A tall Caffé Latte will cost you $4.08 and a tall Caffé Mocha runs in at about $4.63. If you’re traveling to Dubai, you probably already expect for things to cost a little more so don’t be too shocked when the price of your favorite drink is a little higher than normal.


Prices in Johannesburg are half price that of Hong Kong! You can snag a tall Caffé Mocha for the low price of $2.38 and a tall Caffé Latte for only $2.01. What a great way to start your morning of sight-seeing with an affordable cup of coffee!


After a long day of exploring the capital of Chile, you may be looking for your caffeine fix. If you can’t live without coffee and decide to reward yourself with your favorite drink from back home instead of a local shop, expect it to cost you around $3.09 for a tall Caffé Latte or $3.86 for a Caffé Mocha.


Rounding out the list with ridiculously high prices, Zurich breaks the bank. A tall Caffé Latte will cost you $6.05 and a tall Caffé Mocha for $7.08! With prices like these, you may have to rethink how much of a want your cup of coffee is rather than a need. In the US you can grab an entire meal for 7 bucks, but in Switzerland it barely covers the smallest coffee size available at Starbucks. If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland in the future, you should probably start saving now.

Starbucks has developed a cult following across the globe. People can’t seem to resist stopping by and picking up a cup, even when they are on the other side of the world. From drink sizes that are larger than the human stomach to over 87,000 possible drink combinations, Starbucks dominates the coffee world with their ability to attract loyal customers. People are willing to pay almost any price to satisfy their craving. If you’re traveling abroad you might be surprised by how much (or how little!) your favorite drink costs.

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