As more and more companies expand operations internationally, there is an increasing need for efficient and cost-saving ways to pay overseas employees. Some companies may be in the complex position of understanding how to do payroll for employees in multiple countries, while many are wondering how payroll integrates with other business functions, or what technologies can help them save on foreign exchange fees when paying international employees. Trevor Brown, Payroll Partnerships at World First USA, Inc., speaks to Global Payroll magazine about best practices for international payroll, as well as the trends that are shaping the future of the industry. Click here to read his insights on the questions below, and much more:

1) What are some of the emerging trends in global payroll?
2) How can a global payroll department integrate with corporate finance, HR, and others to provide a competitive advantage?
3) What options are available for global payroll managers?
4) What are the best practices for being effective, efficient and legally compliant in global payroll?

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