Great news for online sellers eyeing up the eagerly anticipated launch of Amazon Australia.

WorldFirst will soon be able to open receiving accounts for you in AUD, SGD and NZD. For Free. Best of all, you can pre-register now for early access.

With the new receiving accounts, you can now receive funds from businesses and individuals in those countries.  This will come in particularly handy if your business wants to sell on Amazon Australia or any of the other dozen international marketplaces that sell into Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Registering for the new accounts couldn’t be easier. It is completely free and it only takes a few minutes by filling out our pre-registration form here. One of our team will contact you to guide you through the process.

Once the accounts are live, we’ll send over details so you can start receiving money in them straightaway. Don’t worry, you’re under no pressure to trade or use the accounts until you’re ready even once they’re live.

WorldFirst customers can already open receiving accounts in GBP, USD, EUR, CAD and JPY making it easier to do business across the world. The new additions will make it easier for US sellers to trade in new markets.

Pre-register today for first access to the new accounts.