When Amazon launched in Australia in December 2017, the online retail giant said it had the highest number of orders on its first day than any other Amazon launch.

That’s a pretty big statement given that Australia was Amazon’s fourteenth country. Amazon being Amazon, the Seattle-based company didn’t reveal any hard numbers, such as amount of orders or dollars spent, with that statement. Amazon just said tens of thousands of customers visited the site in its first 24 hours.

That number of visitors should be no surprise to anyone who has read up on the Australia retail sector. The country is heavily brick-and-mortar focused, with a limited online retail ecosystem. Only about 10 percent of the $300 billion retail sector is from online shopping.

With a limited number of online retailers in Australia, many Aussies have to go to overseas ecommerce sites to get the items they want. MyUs.com is a website enabling shoppers overseas to buy products from U.S. retailers and ship them back to their country. Of the 200,0000 products shipped by Australian members of the site, 32 percent were from Amazon in 2016.

The appetite is there for more ecommerce options in Australia. Sites like Kogan.com, Ebay, Etsy and Groupon have a presence in the country, but the geography of the country – and the fact that the population is spread out – makes it hard to shorten shipping times.

Amazon has had success in other countries, like Canada, getting products to consumers faster than competitors. If it can reduce wait times for Australians, the site could change the Aussie retail landscape.

For ecommerce sellers, getting even a small piece of that success could be very profitable.

As a seller, entering a new Amazon market can be very different market to market. Amazon itself has different processes per market and each country has its own tax regulations, shipping protocols and cultural differences.

Setting up shop on Amazon without doing the homework could spell disaster for ecommerce sellers.

At WorldFirst, we provide the tools for ecommerce sellers to take their ambitions to the next market in a smart way. Through our experience and partnerships with other firms, we’ve developed the Seller’s Guide to Amazon Australia.

The guide gives you more information on the market, how to get started, information on tax and shipping partners, and, some could say most importantly, how to bring home your earnings with fewer exchange-rate risks. Click the image below to download the guide and take the first step in selling on Amazon Australia.